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Solar Thermal Collector

The Solar thermal collector is the component which transfers the sun's powerful rays into heat energy which is used to heat water. This can be used (among other things) to heat your buildings, pool, and water supply.

Shown above is a flat plate collector which is made from an aluminium housing. An array of absorber fins is connected to two manifolds at the top and bottom. The collector is sealed with a low iron sheet of tempered glass. This glass is tempered so that it can withstand a hailstorm. The inside of the collector housing is filled with mineral wool or stone wool to prevent and minimize heat loss. About 85% of solar collectors being sold at the present time are flat plate collectors. Tube collectors are also available, and approximately 15% more efficient. These are more conducive to warm climates, because they can be damaged more easily by ice and snow. Their cost is typically 35%-45% above flat plate collectors.


The absorber is part of the solar collector. This absorber captures the rays of the sun and transfers the heat to the solar storage tank via a solar medium, where it is released as heat (hot water). The absorber is normally made from copper or aluminium sheeting. In order to gain the most heat, the absorber has a special coating to attract the sun's radiation. The selective coating reduces (prevents) reflection of heat outside of the collector. In this way, the gained heat transfers a higher output to the solar tank. Solar thermal means the direct heat is gained through the sunlight. Collectors contain and absorb heat and then transfer it by means of a propylene liquid to the solar tank. From this solar tank, warm water or heat is provided.

Our solar collectors meet and exceed North American and European standards. Depending on the application, they may be used year-round for hot water and/or space heating, or seasonally for resorts and swimming pools.


ArcSolar Selective Coated Collector


The ArcSolar Selective Coated Collector is suitable for forced circulation and natural circulation systems. Stand-alone and roof-mounted solutions can be applied easily by means of a proven modular mounting system. 


2.1 Frame & Absorber

The frame is made of pure aluminium which is extremely durable to adverse climatic conditions. Full face absorber; headers and manifold are hard soldered and ultrasonically welded to the absorber sheet. Highly selective coated sheet cooper 0.2mm. 


Selective surface 

Production method

Ultrasonic welding

Thickness of absorption area

0.2 mm

Brut Area

1.90 sqm

Absorption Area


Aperture Area

1.68 sqm





Diameter of manifold pipes 

リ 24 mm

Diameter of riser pipes

リ 8 mm


2.2 Glass

Special tempered, 4 mm low-iron solar prismatic glass provides for better solar absorption.

Glass type

tempered, low-iron rate

Glass thickness

4 mm

Glass Transmission


3. Technical Data


1940 mm


980 mm


95 mm

Brut Area


Heat Transfer Fluid Volume

1.37 L

Max. Working Pressure

10 bar

Max. Testing  Pressure

12 bar



Number  of Flow tubes



1'' Male


35 Kg

Water Volume 

1.35 L

Water tightness

100 % water tight in rain

Normal Operation Temperature

< 200ーC

Open a copy of the collector fact sheet here:

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