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  Net Metering & Standard Offer Program

Ontario has implemented two options related to electrical connections to the grid: Net Metering and the Standard Offer Program.

Net Metering - allows you to use the Grid to store the extra electricity you might produce and reuse it later. Your total electrical usage is monitored over a 12 month period. If you put more electricity onto the grid than what you use, you do not get paid for the excess. This link provides additional information on Net Metering.

  You can download a 5 page brochure on Net Metering here:  
  Standard Offer Program

Projects in Ontario, generating electricity from wind, solar PV, thermal electric solar, renewable biomass, biogas, biofuel, landfill gas or waterpower, with a capacity not more than 10 megawatts and connected to an eligible electricity distribution system at a voltage of 50kV or less may be eligible.

You must enter into a 20 year contract and will be paid at a base rate of 11.0 cents per kilowatt, except solar. Twenty percent of the base rate is indexed annually for inflation. Solar PV generators will be paid a fixed price of 42 cents per kWh for the full 20 year term of the contract.

Additional information on the OPA standard offer program is available here:








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