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State-of-the-art Solar Hot Water and Heating Systems

In-floor heating is the cutting-edge technology for home and space heating. As with domestic hot water, in-floor heating can effectively be accomplished using solar thermal collectors as the heat source. Ideally suited to new building construction, in-floor heating brings new meaning to comfortable living. This is possible through uneven distribution - regulating the flow of heat to commonly used spaces allows for over-all energy savings.

For optimal energy savings, radiant floor heating can be regulated using Arc Solar’s heat distribution modules. These modules allow for temperature control in each individual room or space. When a room is in use, simply turn up the room’s thermostat. When leaving, turn it down to save heating an empty room! A minimum flow ensures that the room remains warm and ready to be heated to desired temperatures when occupied.

No more fights over being too hot or too cold! Simply adjust the temperature of the room, which you are in for individual comfort.

By reducing the heat load for heating un-used spaces, heating costs are dramatically reduced. This is especially true when the primary heating sources is solar.

This is especially true for basements, where traditional ceiling air vents do not distribute heat to where it is needed most – at floor level. In-floor heating heats the basement from the floor up. No more cold feet on cold floors! Using in-floor heating decreases heating loads, as heat is delivered to where it is most needed in a room - at floor level.

Picture of in-floor heating:

Picture of Greenwood Hydronic Wood Furnace:


The Greenwood Hydronic Wood Furnace represents the latest innovation in wood burning boilers.  Based on a tested design developed more than 20 years ago,  the Greenwood wood boiler is the most efficient, wood burning boiler you can buy for your home.  It is safe to operate, burns smoke- and creosote-free, and saves you up to 70% on your home heating bills.  Our wood boiler is also easy on the environment -- the fuel you burn is a  renewable resource and does not contribute to global warming. Finally, the Greenwood hydronic wood furnace is easy to install and works with a variety of heating systems and applications


Picture of heating distribution module:

Diagram of system with in-floor heating:

For more information on in-floor radiant heating for your application, please contact us!