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ARC Solar Inc. is a talented group of professionals who are convinced that future energy needs can be partially satisfied with alternative energy forms. These forms must be made available through environmentally sustainable technologies. Reliability and long-term sustainability as well as cost effectiveness for a wide spectrum of users are our motivating factors. New technology will not replace existing forms of energy, but will enhance and provide green alternatives. Our vision is to deliver State-of-the-Art products to keep a healthy environment.

Our goal will be reached, when we have convinced you to join our list of customers in our effort to create a cleaner environment. Installing our green energy Products will benefit everyone, giving a future to following generations and a much healthier environment to live in.

ARC Solar is pleased to offer high-tech solar hot water and pool heating systems, as well as solar P.V. and a wide range of wind turbines. Our products are guaranteed to increase environmental sustainability, and reduce your dependence on traditional fuel sources. In addition, ARC Solar solar hot water systems are built to the highest standards, allowing for many years of financial savings.

Our products and systems are designed to meet and exceed current requirements, making them the ideal choice for both the concerned citizen and the astute businessperson. With a short capital payback period, followed by minimal maintenance costs, ARC Solar systems are the ideal investment.

ARC Solar goes beyond traditional solar thermal design, embracing advanced European and Canadian designs.

We are intentionally small in stature, but high in performance.





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