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Building with ARC Solar means reliable partnership and satisfied customers. We would be glad to provide you with a quote for a solar thermal system for domestic hot water or for home heating assistance or for heating swimming pools. We could also provide you with a quote for a state of the art solar electric system (Photovoltaic) to produce electricity. We also care a wide range of wind turbines, from cottage size, to systems are enough to power a farm of industrial complex. You can download our Planning Sheets from this website and mail, fax or email us.

If you would like us to give a seminar at your Community Group or Condo Corporation, please fill out our request form and we would be pleased to accommodate you.

We will provide you with a guide for planning, or will help you with the planning of your solar and/or wind project. We can prepare a design concept for a low-energy house with our architect and a solar thermal house (layout assistance) with cost-effectiveness in mind. We can also provide energy contracting for solar heating with condensing boiler, tankless water heater, gas/electric or woodstove backup for greatest savings.

Our website will be updated, as new products enter the market to keep you informed. We are a progressive manufacturing firm. ARC Solar offers innovative energy products and systems for solar hot water and heating for single and multi-housing units. We work with commercial clients and municipal governments in communities across Canada.

We offer energy concepts and advice based on engineering and architectural principles. Our in-house architect and engineer will work with you for a custom solution. We are able to offer a complete package on renewable energy concepts including Hydronics! Power from the sun: we at ARC Solar are trying to tip the scales towards alternative green energy!

Never before was solar energy of so much interest to so many people. Why not profit from the sun on your roof as so many have done before you. Energy prices are going through the roof. Many good reasons can be found to own a solar system now. No more climate-destroying C02 emissions with fossil fuels or atomic power. Think Solar! Energy produced locally from the sun and wind, along with advanced technology can give enough power to reduce emissions and can make a difference. There is the wonderful feeling also that you can shower with hot water you have produced yourself on your roof.

Here are some reasons for solar:

  • Solar energy is clean energy and environmentally sound
  • Solar energy can amortise itself within a few years or less. We can provide you with information for your project.
  • The life expectancy of our Thermal Solar Collector system is twenty-five to  thirty years
  • Solar energy can make up 30-70% of your warm water and heating bill in savings
  • Solar energy fits in with Wind power, Biomass, Hydropower, and Photovoltaics to make you less dependent
  • Photovoltaic systems are vastly more efficient and have constantly improved over the last few years and now have acceptable payback rates
  • Government could improve payback in this country by supporting individuals with tax credits and special loan structures and by creating more awareness to alternatives
  • Solar and wind power would create new jobs in the service and manufacturing sector as well
  • Solar power collectors can be recycled without harm at the end of their lifecycle; about 30 years
  • Solar power is crisis exempt. The sun shines for free on everyone

The price on solar energy will not increase, however, the price on oil, coal, gas, propane or hydropower, as we all know and have experienced, will go up!

ARC Solar promotes a close working relationship with clients based on goodwill and trust. We are convinced, that solar energy is here to stay and will play a large roll in job creation in the energy sector. Constant development of new technology is ensuring a bright future for solar. We are striving for economic initiatives to add long-term assets to a local economy, innovative concepts in private and public partnerships towards a new energy sustainable future and for conservation at the same time. We are hoping that our philosophy towards alternative and regenerative energies will bring our products into your selection choice. We will do our part to gain your approval.

What we are selling is know-how and top quality products at a fair price. Our systems are tested, installed and checked again. After all, your investment must last for a long time and the system configuration of all components must work flawlessly to save you money.


ARC Solar Inc. is a manufacturer and distributor of advanced solar thermal and high efficiency products. We service the commercial, industrial, institutional, recreational, and residential sectors. Our products may be installed during new construction, as part of an energy-efficiency retrofit, as a cost-savings measure for large hot-water consumers, to supplement existing systems, and to reduce greenhouse gas and other harmful emissions.

Solar thermal energy is used for the same applications as traditional water heaters:

  • domestic hot water
  • hot water preheat
  • space heating

Our hot water products may be used in, but are not limited to, the following applications:

  • hotels
  • apartment buildings
  • car wash facilities
  • laundromats
  • residential domestic hot water
  • home heating
  • resorts
  • campgrounds
  • swimming pools
  • fitness centers
  • hospitals
  • sanitization
  • food processing
  • agriculture
  • fish hatcheries
  • greenhouses

Please consult the Products section for a summary of our products, or contact us for more information on your particular application.

We look forward to working with you towards the implementation of your ARC Solar system for all of your green energy requirements.


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