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Arc Solar Academy

Photograph courtesy of Uni-Solar

ARC Solar is pleased to offer training geared towards installers and dealers of solar thermal heating and solar PV systems. The comprehensive two-day course covers a full spectrum of topics to prepare the participants for working in the solar industry.
Successful graduates of the ARC Solar Academy will know how to install and market solar thermal and PV energy and related products. The following key areas will be covered:

Basic solar energy principles and terminologies
Applications of solar PV and thermal energy
Components of a solar thermal system and their function
Proper design of a solar PV and thermal systems
Domestic hot water generation
Heating the home
Heating hot water for a pool
Combining a solar thermal system with an existing heating or hot water system
Utilizing high efficiency condensing boilers as a supplementary heating source
Utilizing electric and/or gas tankless water heaters to maintain storage tank temperatures
Installation of a solar systems
Effective methods for selling solar energy to customers

Photograph courtesy of Uni-Solar

The cost for the 2 day course is $1,500.00. Discounts are available for multiple attendees from one firm.

A rebate of $500.00 towards the purchase of the first 2 solar thermal systems will be made to offset the cost of the course. A further rebate of $750.00 will be made towards the purchase of the 5th system.

Course material will be provided.

Please contact us for course dates and location.
Courses are filled on a first-come basis.
To ensure an enriched learning atmosphere, there is a limit of 5 participants per class.
Take the course with us and unleash the sun’s power for your community.
We will show you how to become an effective and profitable ARC SOLAR dealer. You will learn how to avoid the pitfalls of solar technology while embracing its promises. Knowledge is the key to becoming a solar leader, respected by both financially-minded businesses and environmentally-conscious individuals.
Become a trained ARC Solar dealer - It's a decision you will not regret.

Photograph courtesy of Uni-Solar





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