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Going Green

What Causes the Green House Effect and Climate Change?

Solar Project Benefits

  • Economic Benefits
    1. ~ 18,600 kWh output annually
    2. ~ $14,000 -$15,000 income annually
    3. Fixed rate of return for 20 years
  • Environmental Benefits
    1. ~ 5 ton CO2reduction annually
    2. Decreased dependence on fossil fuels
  • Social Benefits
    1. Educational opportunity
    2. Increased interest in existing services
    3. Shows social responsibility

    Protecting the Environment

    The use of renewable sources of energy has long since ceased to be just a matter of economics. Responsible use of precious resources is becoming one of the most important challenges for the future. But it will also save you money today. Any investment in renewables is certainly a step towards helping to protect the environment.

    Comparison of Different Heating Systems




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